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    Discover Cruelty-Free Products

    Are you looking for animal-free and cruelty-free brands you can trust? Most businesses are not going to willingly disclose cruelty and violence, towards animals, that occurs in the making of the products they are selling. In addition, many companies are not educated on all areas of veganism, and products might be mislabeled as cruelty-free or vegan, such as products including honey. Conducting thorough research on the companies you choose to buy from is important to ensure your purchases you make are in line with your morals. PETA is very dedicated to the seek out and make known all companies that are not truthful in the claim to provide cruelty, vegan…

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    Following A Plant Based Diet Is Easy With Home Gardens

    By Guest Contributor: J Russell Hart Many people today are turning to a plant-based diet as an alternative to diets too rich in saturated meat products, junk food, and highly processed foods. In some cases, it involves spending more time in the produce section of your local grocery store, looking for fruits and vegetables that are grown organically and spending extra money on them. You can follow a great plant-based diet in an even better way while growing your fruits and vegetables in your own home garden. If you live in an apartment, you can start a container garden in front of a sunny window. If you have a

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    What Is Vegan Nail Polish?

    What Is Vegan Nail Polish? By guest contributor: Zoe G That’s right, vegan isn’t just about not eating cheese and wearing hemp shoes – there’s a whole lot of choices you need to be making. And we’re just talking about putting stuff in your body that is healthy and good for the environment. Don’t ask us why nail polish still contains all these nasty chemicals – let’s move on! It’s good for our bodies, the environment and industry as a whole if we make informed buying decisions. Most products if they are green will be proud of the fact (and rightly so), meaning the labels will state that they don’t…

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    Easy and Quick Vegan Recipes Ideas – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners For The Busy Vegan

    By Guest Contributor: Loren Antonios With veganism becoming increasingly popular nowadays, many folk on the vegan diet are in desperate need for quick and easy vegan recipes to accommodate their busy lifestyle. Fortunately over the past couple of decades an abundance of vegan recipe ideas and information has emerged to cater for the needs of this ever-growing veganism lifestyle. Below are some quick and easy vegan recipe ideas for your breakfast, lunch and dinners. Easy & Quick Vegan Breakfast Recipes & Ideas

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    Ethical Fashion – What Does It Mean Anyway?

    By Guest Contributor: Ingrid Vercruyssen Nowadays, it’s impossible to go anywhere without noticing the words “Ethical” and “Company Xyz” in the same sentence. As a consumer, we have a basic understanding of “Ethical”. We know that buying such a product is supposed to alleviate some of our guilt, by doing a little bit of good, but what does it actually mean? First, let’s look at the definition:

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    Vegan Makeup Products

    By Guest Contributor: James Osmond Being vegan, we choose not to eat meats, fishes and eggs. We also avoid fur, leather and wool products along with all those products that have been tested on animals. Vegan is a lifestyle choice filled with ethical notions, peace of mind, compassion for animals and positive understanding of environments. Comparatively, population of vegan people is far less than those who avail animal products. Unfortunately, what people do not realize is that animals also feel pain, love and emotions just same as we feel, and then statistically, we butcher around 665 million animals per year in Canada for food and 3.2 million of animals are…

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    The Ethical Advantages of Vegan Shoes

    By Guest Contributor: Liz Groff Everywhere we look we’re seeing and hearing about different ways to help keep our environment green from building homes and using energy- efficient appliances right down to the clothes we’re choosing to buy and wear. Of particular interest to many are vegan shoes. Vegan shoes are designed and created in a way that make them more sustainable and, therefore, directing us towards a greener future. One company calls their process for making vegan shoes “Green Toe”. By using the most innovative construction and materials, they make their vegan shoes in a way that they will last a long time, thus eliminating the need for new shoes.…

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    Introduction to Animal Activism 101

    Introduction to Animal Activism 101 By Guest Contributor: Shenita Etwaroo So, you’ve heard about them before. The crazy people who allegedly throw paint on women in nice fur coats and picket and riot for the rights of animals who are used to test things like cosmetics. What’s so wrong with smearing a little lipstick on a monkey, right? This is the exact type of attitude that animal rights activists want to educate people against and change. The truth is

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    Vegan Protein

    By Guest Contributor: Marcus Gardin The first place to get protein as a vegan is from certain fruits & vegetables, I’ll bet you didn’t realize spinach and cauliflower are a complete protein. There are many ways that you can eat these two vegetables. I don’t like to cook my spinach too much but I typically cook cauliflower to the point that it’s soft either by steaming or sauteing it. Cauliflower is an excellent replacement for rice in my opinion and healthier than your traditional white rice. I often times mix it with curry or beans as if it were rice or quinoa. I make my salads using spinach instead of plain…

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    Cowspiracy: A Documentary the Unsustainable Nature of Animal Agriculture and Much More

    By Guest Contributor: Donald Ardell  Introduction I have a few questions for your consideration. After posing these questions, I’ll outline what the evidence suggests about each question. I’ll follow that with a discussion of what it all means for those who want to enjoy quality lifestyles guided by reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty. Here are the questions: What do you think is the most destructive industry in America and elsewhere in the world today?