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    Cowspiracy: A Documentary the Unsustainable Nature of Animal Agriculture and Much More

    By Guest Contributor: Donald Ardell  Introduction I have a few questions for your consideration. After posing these questions, I’ll outline what the evidence suggests about each question. I’ll follow that with a discussion of what it all means for those who want to enjoy quality lifestyles guided by reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty. Here are the questions: What do you think is the most destructive industry in America and elsewhere in the world today? 

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    Environmental Vegetarianism

    By Guest Contributor: Jennyjenny Environmental vegetarianism is the practice of vegetarianism or veganism based on the indications that animal production, particularly by intensive agriculture is environmentally unsustainable. The primary environmental concerns with animal products are pollution and the use of resources such as fossil fuels, water, and land.

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    Vegan Diet for Health, the Environment and Animal Rights

    By Guest Contributor: Shenita Etwaroo  With obesity still a widespread concern, many overweight individuals are feeling the heat when it comes to their own personal health. Many people look at their waistlines and read the scary headlines on the news and wonder how their lifestyle will affect their longevity, and how it will also affect their quality of life, and what sorts of activities they’ll be able to do with their loved ones. One of the healthiest diets this world has ever seen is the low fat vegan diet. Many people have managed to go from morbidly obese to a healthy weight just from eliminating animal foods and animal byproducts from…