Protect the Environment

Look around, the world is beautiful and provides us with everything we need to live and grow. Animal agriculture is heavily negatively impacting the environment. This is turning many environmentalist around the world to a vegan lifestyle, so that they may contribute to restoring the health of the world.

Environmental Vegan

Bite Sized Vegan shares tons of facts on how animal agriculture
is destroying the environment, and how becoming vegan can save the world.
Do environmentalism and veganism go hand in hand?

The availability of clean, water should be one of the top concerns for the health and survival of animal and plant life. In America, more than eleven times the amount of water is used for animal agriculture than for total domestic water use. According to the United States Geological Survey, two billion gallons a day are used in animal agriculture. Products such as butter, cheese, meat, milk, and yogurt require high amounts of water to create. Dairy and meat production is heavily contributing to water pollution and scarcity. A vegan lifestyle, for just one person, will save 1,100 gallons of water each day.

Despite popular belief animal agriculture creates 51% of total harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It is responsible for more carbon dioxide than all transportation combined, billions of pounds of methane gas each day, and over half of nitrogen oxide emissions. These are the major gases destroying and impacting the ozone, and animal agriculture is the top contributor to these particular gas emissions. The problem with these pollutants is that they stay in the air for years, even decades, at a time offering a variety of adverse effects. You can save 5,000 pounds of CO2 emissions a year by switching to a hybrid (if you only drive 12,000 miles a year), or save 7,000 pounds of CO2 and reduce methane and nitrous oxide by going vegan.

Nearly half of the word land is dedicated to the farming of animals for human consumption, and it is increasing. Every day more and more land is being cut and cleared for the expanding animal agriculture, a major cause of deforestation, leading to the extinction of many species of plants and insects important to the ecosystem. Large areas of land are also being contaminated by the pesticides and waste accumulated by this industry. 

We are currently growing enough crops to feed 8 billion human beings and there are people starving every day. Why does this occur? A large percent of the crops we grow are denied to many people worldwide, and instead, fed to animals for the consumption of people in wealthier countries. Veganism is a great solution to world hunger.